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Hass vs Shepard

The Hass avocado is the most common variety grown in Australia accounting for around 80 per cent of avocados available. Being a more robust fruit that can tolerate different climates they are able to be grown across most states of Australia.

Shepard avocados are the next most commonly available avocado and generally referred to as greenskin avocados as their skin stays green as they ripen.

There are a number of green skin varieties of avocados grown in Australia however Shepard is by far the most widely available, albeit for a limited time of the year. Other varieties include the Reed (large rounder avocado), Wurtz, and Sharwill however these are grown in much smaller quantities and therefore have more limited availability.

hass hass

Hass is the most common avocado variety Australia wide for most of the year

Classic oval shape

Distinctive pebbly, textured skin

Changes colour as it ripens – green to purple black

Available nearly all year-round

Creamy texture and taste

shepard hass

Shepard avocados (greenskins) are available every year for a limited time

Longer and more elongated

Smooth, glossy green skin

Always stays green, even when ripe

Available February to April

Nutty flavour and buttery texture

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