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How do I fit avocado into my diet to lose weight?

The low fat diet from the 1980-90s is a thing of the past and the science has moved on. We now know the importance of putting healthy fats back in the diet. One interesting study(1) found that you could swap 30g of other fats and oils for 200g of avocado in an energy-controlled diet and still manage weight. While avocado does contain fat it only contains 13g of fat per 100g or 6.5g per 50g serve so it’s not really a high fat food. While more research is needed in the area our recommendation to eat 50g or a 1/3 of a smaller or ¼ of a larger avocado at least four times a week is a realistic approach. 


Pieterse Z et al Substitution of high monounsaturated fatty acid avocado for mixed dietary fats during an energy-restricted diet: effects on weight loss, serum lipids, fibrinogen, and vascular function. Nutrition. 2005 Jan;21(1):67-75.

For more information on how avocado helps control appetite read:


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