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In 2011 we ran the first Nutrient Rich Fitness event for fitness professionals in Sydney and we listened to your fantastic feedback afterwards changing the event to make it even easier for you to attend. The 2013 Nutrient Rich Fitness event is now a free national evening webinar proudly bought to you by Australian Avocados.

The NRF program seeks to communicate the health benefits of maintaining a diet consisting of natural, whole foods - and of course how avocados are a key provider of essential nutrients. We know weight management is the number one reason clients see fitness professionals so this new Nutrient Rich Fitness for weight management webinar also aims to show why healthy fats such as avocados are an important part of weight management diets. By attending Health and Fitness Professionals can broaden their knowledge of nutrient rich eating, which they can easily pass onto clients.

So help us improve Australian diets by 'adding avo' to the meal plans of your clients watching their waist.

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Reasons why you should watch the webinar

  • Receive up to date information on the health and fitness benefits of natural, nutrient-rich foods for weight management from Channel 7 Sunrise and Morning Show Nutritionist, Matt O’Neill
  • Receive 1 Fitness Australia CEC when you watch the webinar and complete the assessment
  • Copies of fact sheets posted to your workplace to share with clients on request
  • All for FREE

About the speaker

Matt O’Neill BSpSc. MSc(Nutr&Diet), APD, AN

Matt is the fitness industry’s fat loss guru and Director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management. He is the Nutritionist on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Shows and the weight loss coach for Men’s Health magazine Australia. He is the creator of Metabolic which has given metabolically matched diet plans to over 7000 people.

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