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This section includes a large range of research abstracts from scientific studies on avocados and health.

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Avocado and heart health

Research on avocado's support for heart and blood vessels

Avocado and weight management

Improved weight management and the health benefits of avocado consumption

Avocado and diabetes

Avocado's high fibre and healthy fat content

Avocado and women’s health

Research on avocado as a superfood for women

Avocado nutrient composition

Vital nutrients in avocado needed for a healthy body

Avocado, carotenoids absorption, and eye health

Research abstracts on avocado's carotenoid diversity

Avocado and skin health

The innumerable health and skincare benefits of avocado

Avocado and gastrointestinal effects

Research on avocado and gastrointestinal function

Avocado and osteoarthritis

Research on avocado's effects on osteoarthritis

Avocado and oral health

Research on nutrients in avocados supporting prevention of oral cancer

Avocado and cancer

Research on health benefits of avocado stopping the growth of cancer

Avocado and drug interactions

Research on avocado ingestion decreasing the anticoagulant effect of warfarin

Avocado allergy

Research on avocado allergy symptoms

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