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Australian Avocados' Food Service Masterclass

Avocados are quickly becoming a part of the everyday Australian’s staple diet.  Families, restaurants, cafés and foodies alike are adopting the creamy, nutty fruit into their dining experiences.  For this reason, Australian Avocados host Masterclasses to directly engage with the food service professional audience.  These Masterclasses help food service professionals learn about adding avocado to their menus and they are held annually along the east coast – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  The Masterclass program invites other chefs to attend these functions where they’ll learn about presentation, ordering, storage and handling techniques.

This year, the Brisbane Chef Masterclass was held at Alchemy Restaurant & Bar.  Head Chef, Brad Jolly, was chosen to create the full avocado featured menu – a canapé, a tasting plate, two entrées, a main, and a dessert.  Brad’s menu demonstrated the versatility of avocado, and his innovative dishes had the other chefs in the room thinking beyond guacamole.

The majority of chefs who attend these Masterclasses have had some experience with avocados on their menu; however, many are surprised with the versatility of the fruit — from savoury to sweet, avocados complement many types of flavours and taste great on both warm and cold dishes.

Masterclasses begin with a little sensory exercise whereby four small pieces (or melon balls) of avocado are presented. This tasting plate has a range of flavour profiles that avocado can complement.

1.  Natural
2.  Salted
3.  Sugared
4.  Pan fried with rocket, sesame seeds, chili, palm sugar and garlic

Across the world, avocado is used in different ways. At Australian Avocados, we want to add value to the menus of food service professionals, so that customers receive a more exciting dining experience. We hope the Masterclasses are one step in this direction.

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