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Avocado Chef Masterclasses - Light Years Beyond Guacamole

Old school thinking on avocados has given way to a new kind of skill and understanding that is infiltrating commercial kitchens across Australia.

It was proven at Easts Leagues Club, where Sydney club chefs experienced an exclusive Masterclass specifically designed to inspire these kitchen stars to think outside the square when using avocados.

Avocado masterclass

This unique Australian Avocado Masterclass explored innovative ways of using fresh Australian avocados, and inspired chefs with contemporary cooking styles. Masterclass Queen Kate McGhie presented some new takes on avocado usage, from rock hard to super ripe fruit, grated to steamed, savoury custard to sorbet; while Easts Executive Chef Peter Wood and his skilful team gained first hand experience as they helped prepare dishes for guests to sample.

Joining Kate McGhie was Brian Steel, who revealed the tricks and secrets to some impressive but simple molecular gastronomy techniques from avocado spherification to avocado noodles.

Using a mixture of pureed ripe avocado, tomato consommé, Tabasco plus some calcium gluconate lacate he created avocado spheres – digit-sized capsules of pure flavour which exploded in the mouth. They were accompanied by tuna tartare with avocado soil and tomato dust.

Check out our how-to video from the team below:


He followed this with his version of a molecular three minute noodle – an avocado noodle accompanied with tiger prawns and avocado soil. How do you make an avocado noodle? Using the same base avocado mixture as the spheres, together with a mixture of agar, xanthum gum, locust bean gum and iota carrageenan, he produced a noodle that was robust enough to pick up and shape.

The secret is to cook the combined mixture for three minutes at 80 degrees C, draw the mixture into a syringe, and inject it into hollow plastic tubing bought from an aquarium shop. The mixture will set inside the tube in minutes. Fill a syringe with clean water, load the nozzle in one end of the mixture-filled tube, and slowly inject the water to force the formed noodle from the other end of the tube. Voilà! An udon-thick avocado noodle waiting for its accompaniment. An original and exciting take on the avocado – that will add a left-field edge to any menu.

Check out our how-to video from the team below:


Since the Masterclass program debuted in 2009, there have been avocado chef training masterclasses at restaurants, TAFEs, hotels, and clubs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, Newcastle, and Canberra.

These masterclasses show that:

  • Avocados are a versatile, healthy, and sophisticated ingredient
  • Avocados can be used in innovative and creative ways
  • Avocados can be used in warm, cool, savory, or sweet dishes
  • Avocados can be used all year round in a variety of recipes
  • Consumers love avocados (more avocados eaten per capita in Australia than any other  English speaking country)
  • Avocados add to the bottom line on a menu


Click here to see the rest of the instructional videos from the Easts Masterclass session.


- From the team at Australian Avocados

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