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Dining Out With Australian Avocados

Avocados are quickly becoming a part of the everyday Australian’s staple diet. Families, restaurants, cafés and foodies alike are adopting the creamy, nutty fruit into their dining experiences.

Growing demand for avocados has seen this versatile fruit appearing on a wide range of dining menus. Pasta, pizza and curry recipes are being designed by innovative Food Service professionals to provide customers with the sought after, avocado taste.

Dining is also being tailored to the special needs of Australian customers. A rise in food allergies has led to many restaurants adopting avocados to their menus in an effort to cater to the varying nutritional requirements of customers. In rising to this challenge, Food Service professionals often use avocado as a supplement for butter. This is because avocado doesn’t contain the common allergen lactose, which people may be sensitive to, and is such a heart smart food.

Restaurants, cafés, pubs and clubs see the need to meet the customer’s appetite. So new initiatives launched by the Australian Avocado industry, aim to help Food Service professionals provide customers with fresh, delicious meals.

The Australian Avocados Food Service website caters to this industry and provides information on the versatility of the Australian Avocado. The initiatives include Masterclasses that educate Food Service professionals on the variety of ways to cook with avocado. These feature internationally acclaimed food writer and chef, Kate McGhie. Kate has been a food writer at the Herald Sun for more than 22 years, writing to an audience of 1.5 million readers each week. Kate is also involved with Australian hospitality standards; she sits on the National Chair of Judges for Restaurants and Catering, and is the President of the Australian Association of Food Professionals.

At Australian Avocados, we want to add value to the menus of Food Service professionals, and customers to receive a more exciting dining experience.

In the Food Service industry?

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Consider yourself a bit of a foodie?

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