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How To Choose Breakfast In A Cafe?

Sundays are always my favourite day of the week. Waking up thinking the alarm is moments from going off only to then realise its Sunday and you can sleep in. And then when you do wake knowing a perfect cafe brunch is the first order of the day.

Eating at a cafe every weekend does have its pitfalls however. Not everything on a cafe breakfast board is healthy. Here’s some cafe do’s and don’ts.

Do enjoy Don’t have too often
Spreads – avocado, nut butters, honey, vegemite Spreads – butter, sour cream, cream cheese
Eggs – omelettes, frittatas, scrambled, poached or boiled Eggs – fried and any covered in hollandaise or béarnaise sauce – keep for the birthday celebration
Breads – toast (multigrain, sourdough, fruit), English muffins, crumpets topped with avocado ,tomato, spinach, mushrooms or baked beans Pancakes topped with butter, syrup, cream or ice creamHash browns
Meats – bacon eye pieces, smoked salmon, sardines Meats – full bacon rasher, breakfast sausages
Cheeses – cottage and ricotta Cheeses – brie, camembert, fetta
Coffee – served in coffee cups Coffee – with added syrups, cream or in large serves
Juices and smoothies – small serves/ children sizes Juices/ smoothies – large milkshake containers

What’s your best tip to eating healthy when at the cafe?

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