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Introducing the Health Star Rating

Health Star Ratings are a new, quick and simple guide to help you choose healthier foods. Found on the front of food packaging, star ratings can be from ½ star to 5 stars. The ratings assess levels of energy, saturated fat, sugar, sodium, protein and fibre. Generally, the more natural, plant-based ingredients a product has, the higher its star rating.

This is great news for avocados, and great news for you.

Avocados have a 4.5 star rating. They’re high in energy (605kj/100g), low in sugar (

Just remember that all foods in the fresh produce section are healthy foods, scoring above 4 stars, and they should be consumed regularly. We recommend a ¼ avocado, four times a week as a healthy alternative to snacks high in sugar and saturated fats.

So to stay happy and healthy, add some avocados to your shopping basket every week. 

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