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Shepard avocados are hitting the shelves!

The Shepard avocado season is upon us and we can start to enjoy them as they are hittting the shelves at local stores now.
Shepard avocados are a variety of “greenskins” – their skin stays green as they ripen rather than darkening to a purple-black like the Hass variety.
 The best thing about the Shepard variety is that if a fruit looks great on the outside, it will be great on the inside. Unlike Hass avocados, the flesh of a Shepard avocado does not go brown once it's cut. This means they stay brighter in salads and sandwiches for longer. Shepards are grown predominantly in North and Central Queensland and their harvesting season runs from February through until May.
Other less common greenskin varieties grown in Australia include the Wurtz, Sharwill and Reed.

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