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Is It Ok To Have A Liquid Breakfast?

Yes, but not every day. Here’s why.

Generally, breakfast is the time to top up blood glucose levels depleted overnight during sleep. So breakfast need to contain carbohydrates which are digested into glucose. Carbohydrates at breakfast include: cereals and breads, fresh and dried fruits and dairy.

Breakfast is also a great time to get some fibre in to help achieve your daily 30g of fibre goal. Fibre adds bulk to stools for a more regular bowel function.

While a breakfast smoothie or poppa can provide the carbs in the form of milk, fruit, yoghurt, honey and sugar it may not contain the same amount of fibre you would get if you ate a high fibre cereal or multigrain toast. Boost the fibre content of your homemade smoothies by adding pysllium husks, ground nuts and seeds with their skins still on, avocado and a few prunes or figs.

What do you put in your breakfast smoothie?

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