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Avocado's Australia meets Bens Menu!

Fantastic news! Australian Avocados are proud to announce our collaboration with hit cooking and lifestyle show 'Bens Menu' over multiple episodes through late 2015 and beyond.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Ben on  11 delightful dishes, that feature charmingly creative cuisines including, the fresh and fragrant soft shell crab rice paper rolls, luscious and delectable black forest meets Mexico fusions, and of-course the ambrosial, yet classic, poached egg with smashed Avo toast.

For those who are yet to meet our new Avocado superstar, here's a bit of info on Ben.

Ben Milbourne has always had a passion for cooking, from entertaining his family and friends, to teaching Australia to cook through his tv shows and books. Ben's personality and down to Earth approach has made him popular with people of all ages. His philosophy is unassuming; "My food style is simple; take ingredients and recipes that will bring people together, combine them in a way that is interesting but achievable. You have to fall in love with the process. The process of discovering the ingredients, developing the idea, creating the dish, sharing the flavour and discussing the outcome; this is what food is all about".

You can find all of Bens delicious recipe's below: 

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