'Bringing A Plate'

Here are some tips to help you choose stress-free easy party food:

  • If you bring a plate of entrees to share, make it something healthy and simple such as veggie sticks with avocado, hummus or salsa dips, bowls of nuts, dried fruit, cheese, or pita bread crackers.

  • Portion-controlled entrees are the ideal way of transforming  favourites into healthy party food options. It may also help to control body weight(321) – but remember, smaller serves are not a license to eat as many as you like!
  • Take your own small plate, such as a bread and butter plate, and use this to hold a few entrees or small portions. This will help to avoid repeat trips to the table.
  • Have a healthy snack before you leave home so you are not ravenous when you arrive and can hold on until the main meal is served.
  • Use lots of colourful ingredients  to make healthy food look appetising so that everyone, even your children, will want to finish the plate you brought to theparty(322).

  • Try to set aside part of your weekend or your grocery shopping day to plan some nutritious meals and party food.  This will help take away the stress of shopping for groceries when you don’t know what to buy. Going to the shops with a concise list of ingredients may help stop you reaching for quick-and-easy meal options or snacks that may be high in fat and which contain high GI carbohydrates.
  • People often misconstrue eating ‘healthy’ for ‘eating food that won’t taste good’.  This is certainly not the case, and is one of the most important keys to success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly after weight loss.  When you are planning your meals for the week, seek recipes that include foods you like, and then complement those with fresh, raw ingredients that contain vitamins and nutrients. Don’t eat something that does not taste good to you, just because someone said it was ‘healthy’.

Have you got some great healthy and TASTY ‘bring a plate’ recipes to share?  Submit your idea of a tasty morsel on the Australian Avocados website, or let us know below!


Author: Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Nutritionist and Chef

Founder of Nutritional Edge, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, has long been passionate about the food in our lives. A nutritionist (Diploma of Nutrition, Sydney) and internationally trained chef (Le Cordon Bleu School, London), Zoe helps people embrace the benefits of food through education and understanding.

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