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January 1st signals the finale of the festive season and leaves us in a ‘party mood’ as we head into the New Year. January is a month where many people are still on holidays and you might find yourself entertaining family and friends more often than usual. Just when you have made your New Year’s resolutions to look after your health, the holiday gatherings and parties can present a bit of an obstacle to successfully meeting your New Year goals. To help stay on track with your better health and well-being goals you might be looking for some easy and healthy food ideas for the social occasions ahead. Have a look in our Recipe Finder for some healthy entertaining avocado recipes, perfect for hosting parties, going to parties or just a simple BBQ with the family.

Think about using some of our great summer fruits, like avocado, mango and lychees to keep the finger food and other party food ideas positive for your health. Avocado based dips like guacamole are always a crowd-pleaser and go well with vegetable sticks instead of the usual corn chips, to make it a super healthy choice. Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta, or Prawn Bites are easy to prepare, and make another healthy finger food option. Avocado and Mango Salsas are easy party foods to prepare and partner well with seafood and barbequed meats – an easy but tasty way to add some nutritional balance to your party food.

With the New Year there is also the next string of family birthdays. If you’re looking for some healthy ideas for kids party food, try some of the party food ideas on the Australian Avocados website. If your children are looking for a theme, you could suggest a ‘green’ theme and include some green fruits and vegetables, such as avocados, kiwi fruit, honeydew melon, and green grapes. Kids might like to try green apple slices with avocado dip or you could make your own crispy pita bread instead of the usual crackers or corn chips.

Other party ideas might include a Spanish or Mexican Mayhem theme – both of which lend themselves towards some fun but healthy foods like tacos or burritos, and to make them really authentic don’t forget to include avocados. Have a look at some of our Mexican recipes on the website for inspiration.

When Australia Day celebrations happen on January 26th you might find yourself hosting an ‘Aussie BBQ’ – the perfect opportunity to try out some new healthy party food ideas. There are lots of healthy savoury finger food ideas and Australia Day bbq food ideas to be found on both the Australian Avocados website and Nutrition Australia’s website. Nutrition Australia also has a ‘healthy bbq’ fact sheet which might be useful to help you and your friends enjoy a happy but healthy Australia Day party.

Aloysa Hourigan

Senior Nutritionist & Nutrition Program Manager

Nutrition Australia Qld


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