DIY: Grow your own Avocado Plant

Not only is the flesh of an avocado versatile, but the entire fruit can be used in a number of wonderful ways.

Combine your love of avocados and house plants by growing your own avocado plant with just a few simple steps.


Step One: Remove and clean pit

Remove the pit from the avocado without cutting it. Wash the seed, being careful to not remove the brown coating on the seed. Identify the top and bottom of the pit by looking for the slightly pointier end, which is the top of the seed. The bottom is where the sprouts will emerge.

Step Two: Pierce it with toothpicks

Take three toothpicks and stick them at a downward angle into the avocado seed, spaced evenly around the circumference of the avocado. The toothpicks will allow the seed to sit half submerged in water, allowing for propagation. Stick the toothpicks in at a slight angle so more of your avocado base rests in water when you set this over a glass.

Step Three: Place avocado seed half submerged in a glass of water

Set your glass with the seed on a windowsill with sunlight. It is helpful to use a clear glass so you can see when the roots start to grow and when the water should be changed.

Wait for your plant to grow

In approximately 2-4 weeks you should see the root growing out of the bottom of the seed and in around 7-8 weeks the leaf should start to grow out the top of the seed.

When the roots have grown thick and the stem has leaves again, plant in soil in a pot leaving half the seed still exposed above the soil.

Keep your plant in a warm, sunny location and water frequently.