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Yields1 Serving

 1 large yam, peeled, finely shredded
 1 large carrot, peeled, finely shredded
 2 tbsp vegetable oil or sesame oil
 3 garlic cloves, finely diced
 ½ cup dried shrimp, soaked, drained and ground in blender
 1 tbsp oyster sauce
 1 tbsp soy sauce
 1 tbsp rice wine
 1 packet popia wrappers or spring roll wrappers
 20 small pieces iceberg lettuce or other leaf lettuce
 1 cup peanuts, crushed
 2 hard boiled eggs, sliced
 20 cooked prawns, peeled
 Hoi sin sauce to serve

Squeeze out and drain the shredded yam bean to remove and excess water.


Heat some oil in a wok and add the garlic, dried shrimp, carrot and yam.


Mix together the oyster sauce, soy, rice wine and add to the wok. Allow to cook until the yam bean has softened and absorbed the flavours, about 10 -15 minutes. Season with salt and sugar to taste.


Lay out a wrapper, top with a lettuce leaf then some of the yam mixture. Sprinkle on the peanuts, a slice of egg, some prawns, avocado and a spoon of hoi sin sauce.


Wrap up by folding over the sides into a parcel about 10cm long and enjoy.